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Jamaica's Birdwatching Areas, Weather Pattern and Geographical Conditions

Jamaica has a warm tropical climate which can get rather humid, also in parts of the well known and published mountainous habitats.  This can be the same for other mountain forests that are not spoken about.  However, the elevation and time of year these areas are traversed do make a difference.  Although it is noticeably cooler island-wide in the winter months, the higher elevation areas especially in the Blue Mountains, usually have a cooler feel year-round.  Eastern Jamaica, hosts the highest mountain ranges on the island, especially the northeastern end of the island which hosts the Blue Mountain Peak which sours to a height of 2,256.13 m or 7,402 ft.  Blessed with this luxury, these areas are more lush and cooler than all the other parts. 

Although Jamaica's western and central mountains, are not as high as those in the eastern region, they also have numerous lush forests, plenty breeze and cool temperatures.  These parts of the island are dominated by the impressive and almost impenetrable Cockpit Country which consist of wet limestone forests and beautiful birds.  These areas are comprised of hundreds of little hills resembling inverted egg crotons.  However, the southern to southwestern areas tend to be warmer and dryer than the central, northern to northwestern parts.  Although the northern areas are cooler than the southern, do not be misled; as this region does go up to high and humid conditions however, not as high as those in the south and southwestern regions. 

All four seasons experienced World wide, are also spoken about here.  However, the only seasons we experience are the wet season and the dry seasons. Jamaica's dry season runs from December through April; while the wet season starts in May, through to the introduction of the hurricane season in June.  During this time, a high level of rainfall is usually present.  Between the months of June and September, Jamaicans and visitors to Jamaica must expect heat and humidity sometimes with rainfall, being that this time is the hurricane season and various tropical systems and rapid change in weather patterns usually appear during this time of year.  October through mid November, the hurricane season says goodbye.  During this time, heavy rainfalls which Jamaicans refer to as bad weather, usually occur.

Jamaica's twenty nine (29) Endemic Birds

Jamaica is the birding gem of the Caribbean.  This blessed tropical paradise boasts sixty seven (67) resident land-bird species including twenty nine (29) endemic species, eighteen (18) endemic subspecies plus another one hundred and eighty seven (187) migrant species which are present during the winter through spring periods.  This averages over three hundred (300) species which are recorded on the island.  Unfortunately the Jamaican Petrel and Jamaican Pauraque have not been recorded since shortly after the introduction of the mongoose in 1872.  There is little hope that these species still exist.  However, twenty nine (29) of these endemics are still remaining and can be reliably seen on any six to ten days birding vacation or multi-day tour.

These species of birds are, Arrow Headed Warbler, Ring-tailed Pigeon, Black-billed Streamer-tailed Humming-bird, Red-billed Streamer-tail Humming-bird, Jamaican Tody, Jamaican Woodpecker, Jamaican Eleania, White Eyed Thrush, White Chinned Thrush, Blue Mountain Vireo, Jamaican Vireo, Jamaican Euphonia, Jamaican Owl, Crested Quail-dove, Chestnut Bellied Cuckoo, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoo, Orange-quit, Jamaican Blackbird, Jamaican Pewee, Jamaican Striped-headed Tanager, Jamaican Parakeet, Sad Fly-catcher, Yellow-shouldered Grass-quit, Jamaican Mango Humming-bird, Jamaican Becard, Yellow-billed Parrot, Black-billed Parrot, Rufus-tailed Fly-catcher, Jamaican Crow.

With this encouragement, we at Attractions Link Tourism Services have taken a decision to share our birding knowledge and skills with birders of all nations right here in Jamaica.  With this in mind, we are inviting the world to join in and support this venture.  Over time, this will help to establish bird watching in Jamaica among the top reasons for visitors to have a vacation in Jamaica.  In doing our part to promote Jamaica's bird watching, the Attractions Link team is fully aware that the experience garnered by these visitors will surely promote the potential for this aspect of Jamaica's Eco-tourism in the Caribbean region.

It is important to note that the American Ornithologists’ Union (AOU) only recognizes twenty seven (27) of our endemics.  Their claim is that the Black-billed and Red-billed varieties of the Streamer-tail Hummingbird have not been split into separate species.  When all habitats to include dry-forests, high-mountains, rivers and wetlands, are explored, endemics, migrants, transients and vagrants are considered to be over 300 species of birds which complete the Jamaica bird list.  Depending on fitness of birders and the length of the birding vacation chosen, during the winter migrant months over 150 species can easily be seen in Jamaica.  Attractions Link Tourism Services offers birding activities in all major regions, to all known habitats, right across Jamaica, even some habitats that are not published Worldwide.

Bird Watching Vacations or Multi-day Tours In Jamaica

Thousands of persons travel around the world each year on vacations that are related to bird watching.  Having this knowledge, the operators of Attractions Link Tourism Services are currently promoting four (4) Major bird watching vacation packages to bird watching interests who desires to have their birding holidays in Jamaica.  These bird watching vacation or multi-day tour packages are promoted year-round and are designed specifically to match the bird watching desires and expectation of every birdwatcher, young and old who are travelling as individuals or in groups.  In regards to families, couples or individuals who may want to bird separate, these bird watching vacation packages are designed to facilitate the desires and expectations of such persons also. 

Special arrangements are made for handicapped birders in terms of accommodation and transportation facilities.  There are also shorter birding vacations that are mainly conducted on the northern and eastern section of the island, particularly in our botanical gardens, along river openings, northwestern nature reserves and throughout the higher and lower regions on the Blue Mountains and also the moist valleys and higher hills of the John Crow Mountains to facilitate the persons.  During the winter through early spring the costs for birding holidays usually cost more than the late spring through autumn season due to variation in accommodation rates. 

At Attractions Link Tourism Services, we do our best to keep our rates far below those of other birding vacation and tour operators even in the peak of the tourist season!  Yet, we make sure that all that is paid for by our clients and even what we give for free is of the best quality.  Yes, we go the extra mile so to speak; to make sure that our birders are satisfied from arrival to departure and from beginning of any activity to the end.  Keep your eyes peeled for the latest specials and discounts on our birding vacations.

Bird Watching Excursions or Single-day Tours In Jamaica

In addition to the four (4) full service bird watching vacation packages, there are also four (4) bird watching day tour or excursion packages which are promoted by Attractions Link Tourism Services year-round.  These bird watching excursion or single day tour packages are designed specifically to match the bird watching desires and expectation of every birdwatcher, young or old, weather they are travelling as individuals, couples or as groups.  In regards to families who may want to bird separate, these bird watching vacation packages are designed to facilitate the desires and expectations of such ones also. 

If persons are already in Jamaica and are interested in going out bird watching for a day, they can contact us at our reservation office using the information provided on the contact us page, regarding our bird watching day tours for groups and individual birders.  We will be more than happy to provide these persons with information and encouragement to have them joining one of our bird watching day tours from any of our resort areas on the island, to various birding habitats which are close to the resort area where they are holidaying.  If persons have their own transportation and would like to have a bird guide for a day, Attractions Link will be able to provide bird guide services for their private tour.  

Attractions Link's Involvement

Attractions Link Tourism Services got involve in bird watching in February of 1997 after being contracted by Sarett Nature Center out of Michigan USA, to provide transportation services for a group of birdwatchers.  This birding group did ten (10) days around the Island of Jamaica, where they explored most of Jamaica's top birding sites.  That ten days bird watching tour brought the brilliant idea to the minds of the operators of this vibrant organization and got them involve in promoting Jamaica's bird watching.

Between the year 1997 and 2001, the company transported seven bird watching groups to several areas of Jamaica.  Between the years 2002 to 2015, the operators Attractions Link Tourism Services have made sure that their company takes part in providing transportation for promotional bird watching groups and individuals who came on promotional trips to Jamaica in order to familiarize themselves with Jamaica, it's, people, culture, birding resources and facilities.  Some of these familiarization trips were sponsored by the Jamaica Tourist Board. 

During this period, the company's transportation and guide service were used by various bird watching groups and individuals who have contacted the company directly, and bird watching groups and individuals who have bought the service through Hotel Mocking Hill.  Some of these bird watching tour groups came through Avian Adventures, Bird Finders, Fat Birder, Island Holidays, Mass Audoban " Massachusetts" USA, Mot Mot Travel, Naturalist Journeys, Otus Asio, Ornith Holidays, Rock Jumpers, Travelling Naturalist, World wide Quest and a large number of individual bird watchers. 

Since the world's recession in 2008, persons are concern about the rising costs for holidays in Jamaica.  By interacting with some of these persons, we at Attractions Link Tourism Services have noticed numerous areas where different things can be done to stimulate the interest of birders in Jamaica's birding.  These changes will enhance growth in and increase the amount of bird watchers who may want to experience bird watching in Jamaica.  After having numerous discussions regarding the matter, the team members of Attractions Link Tourism Services have decided to go to work on their own in order to make a difference in several areas which today contributed to the growth of Jamaica's birding and other Eco Adventure activities especially in eastern Jamaica.   

Eastern Jamaica's dream of seriously promoting these services has become a reality which has actually help to increase visitor arrivals in Jamaica.  We are inviting our viewer to become our guests by taking advantage of our attractive rates on all bird watching vacation and day tour or excursion packages.  Make use of our simple and straight forward costings which shows the cost for everything in one figure.  At Attractions Link Tourism Services, what you see and pay for on our website, is what you get.  Choose your package, pick your dates, submit your inquiries and we will inform you of availability.

Knowledgeable Tour Guides

Our bird watching tours are done with the help of knowledgeable local guides.  These guides know Jamaica's birds, their habitats, their food chain, their flight patterns, their calls and their call tone pitches, through out the entire island.  At Attractions Link, we make sure that all is done to ensure that our bird watching clients are satisfied with the help and whole heartedness of our bird watching team.  Guides are; John FletcherLorenzo Murdock Wayne,"  Roger and  Ryan.  

These local birding experts are also highly knowledgeable in regards to other aspects of the environment such as the flora, fauna, and are ready to give their all especially when it comes to bird watching in Jamaica.  For more information regarding our 2017 through 2018 bird watching vacations and excursion or single day-tours, please see our four (4) full service bird watching vacation packages.  Our main director, Lorenzo Murdock "Wayne," is an avid birder who is highly recommended by numerous birders who have spent time with him the fields, over his many years of birding. 

Some of these reviews and comments can be viewed on our blogs and comments page of this website, trip adviser and other websites such as 10,000, Laurel's Compass, and the Fat Birder.  In one of the episodes featured by Birding Adventure Television, the fight to find the elusive Crested Quail-dove ended when it was spotted by Wayne as he was all alone a little ways off from Ricardo Miller, James Currie, Jan Allen and Jeff the photographer.  It was like the bird came to Wayne!  He could cot shout, he simply made a signal to the others who were a little ways off.  They slowly made their way back and got over five (5) minutes of the Crested Quail-dove wobbling from one side of the road to the other.  

Recommended Gears and Equippment

Please, do not forget your binoculars.  As for telescopes these are always ideal for spotting birds that are perched on branches far away.  If persons have their specialized telescope or spotting scope, we recommend that they take it along.  We also recommend that persons take along rain-coats although we usually have our car, van or bus close to us during birding.  However some persons will have the ability to go off on trails that sometimes will take you several meters from the driving road and will not be able to be picked up by motor-vehicle if there is a sudden downpour of rainfall. 

Although most of our birding sites or habitats are mainly on paved surfaces, sometimes we do have huge puddles of water that can cover and soak through sandals and sneakers easily.  This means that you also need to bring a proper pair of shoes.  These can remain the motor vehicle transporting you if you wish not to use them.  If you are birding in late winter early spring, you can wear short pants and short sleeves.  However, we do recommend that persons tale along long sleeves and full trousers if for any reason one decide to go off on a trail to see a specific bird.  Your choice of insect repellant is also recommended to have on hand in some areas that may have mosquitoes.  If you are allergic to repellants, some White Over-proof Jamaican Rum will do the trick!