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Introduction to four (4) exciting bird watching vacation packages in Jamaica.

Are you planning a birding holiday soon?  If so, please take notice of the four (4) multi-days birding tours which are currently promoted and operated by Attractions Link Tourism Services! These birding holiday packages offer "full time" birding with adequate resting periods.  This means that birders participating in any of the four (4) multiday birding tours will be able to get their full amount of birding time as mentioned in the birding vacation or holiday packages which are advertised and sold.  This arrangement ensures that you will start birding on the given beginning date and finish birding at the end of the given ending date which is slated for the tour to start and end, in order to allow more time for comfortable birding.  

At Attractions Link Tourism Services, our birding tour planners are keen about the amount of rest each birder requires.  With this in mind, our birders are accommodated in lodges and hotels which are in close proximity of birding habitats.  This high level of consideration, eliminates the long distances which some birding tour operators have their clients traveled from accommodation venues to birding hot spots.  Thousands of persons travel around the world each year, enjoying vacations and tours that are related to bird watching.  Having this knowledge, our birding experts, are happy to share Jamaica's birding wealth with birders internationally.  Having recorded over 300 bird species to include our 29 endemic species, 18 endemic subspecies plus winter migrants, residents, transients and vagrant species, our promotion of Jamaica's birding year-round is vital to all birdwatchers.  What is certain, Jamaica has more endemic species than all the other Caribbean islands combined.

As mentioned on our Bird Watching In Jamaica page, this Caribbean Island consists of a wide range of botanical gardens, dry-forest, mountainous regions, tropical forests, ponds, rivers and wet-land habitats.  These areas are preserved to provide numerous eco-adventure activities to include excellent birding, year-round.  In addition to promoting the usual sea and sand tourism, the operators of Attractions Link Tourism Services have decided to continue promoting four (4) Major bird watching vacation packages to Jamaica each year as outlined in the information given in all the birding vacation packages which are promoted on this website.  These birding vacation packages are full service oriented and are designed especially for birdwatchers who are travelling as individuals or in groups and are interested in a bird watching vacation which is designed to enhance their bird watching holiday expectations and delight. 

With this in mind, our promotion team as emphasized on providing profound information in publishing these vacation packages to birders Worldwide.  Please view the individual blocks below which will introduce and highlight and direct you to each birding vacation package.  Each of these pages will help you to learn more about that specific birding vacation in its entirety.  As you read through the information provided, you will be elated.  With this feeling, you may find it hard to decide which of the four (4) birding vacation packages suits you best. At this point, it is up to you to decide; as these birding vacation packages are carefully designed to suit your likeness, timing, fitness and where you want to visit and go birding in Jamaica.  You may want to just bird intensely every day, or you may want to bird and enjoy other tourist attractions.  

If you are birding on a budget, you may be thinking about what you can afford to spend for a birding vacation and what you will be getting for what you are spending on a birding vacation.  Utilize the discounts and special offers that are being offered on our birding vacations!  Please note that these four (4) birding vacation packages listed below, are geared towards helping you our valued birding clients to make your Jamaica birding holidays dream, a reality!  If you find it hard making a choice, we will do our best in helping you to make a wise decision regarding choosing your Jamaica birding tour.  If you wish to customizing your own birding holiday package to your likeness, we are here and ready to assist you in doing so!  Please contact us regarding your Jamaica birding tour now!

Your four days birding tour of northern Jamaica

This four (4) days birding tour of northern Jamaica heads the list of the four (4) multiday birding tour which are offered by Attractions Link Tourism Services to persons of bird watching interests around the World each year.  It is currently the most sold as it leads the other three (3) bird watching vacation packages in sales, although it is short and fast paced.  This new adventure will afford persons who are holidaying in Discovery Bay, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio and Runaway Bay the opportunity to join a four days birding tour which will allow them to see all of Jamaica's twenty nine (29) endemic birds on a short birding trip.  In this case, birders purchasing this bird watching tour package, will be able to visit various habitats of three (3) of Jamaica's top birding areas plus other habitats not known by many birding tour operators.

Enjoy the heavily flocked habitats of the northern Cockpit Country, lower John Crow Mountains, northern and central Blue Mountains, river mouths, seashores, flowering gardens and other bird habitats that are close to the lodges which are used for accommodation sites during this tour.  Most of our birding clients who have purchased this four (4) days bird watching tour of the northern Jamaica, have combined it with an eight days or even longer Jamaican holiday.  You may want to have a go at this multiday birding tour before or after having a week of relaxation at one of Jamaica's grand resorts. Persons can also combine this four (4) days birding adventure with up to eleven (11) additional days of relaxation at one of Jamaica's grand resorts, small hotels, private villas or guest houses accommodation venues! Read more....

Your six days bird watching tour of eastern Jamaica

This six days birding tour is lists second in terms of sales to our four days multiday birding tour which is mentioned above.  Although it is two days longer, it is still a short birding tour which is  designed by our bird watching team to afford bird watchers the opportunity of birding a full six (6) days throughout the eastern third of Jamaica.  This part of Jamaica hosts the eastern habitats of Jamaica's southeastern dry-forests, the southern Blue Mountains, central Blue Mountains, northern Blue Mountains, lower John Crow Mountains, upper John Crow Mountains, two major botanical gardens, river mouths, seashores and the flowering gardens of the birding lodges which are used as accommodation sites for this tour. 

If you are only able to afford a short bird watching tour, your experience of birding in these habitats will be marvelous.   Eastern Jamaica will give its birding visitors a chance to see all of Jamaica's twenty nine (29) endemics without a great deal of driving between accommodation venues and bird habitats as the essence of this bird watching vacation is centered around the best birding areas on the island of Jamaica.  Depending on the time of year you may want to take your vacation, any time during the months of November through April is a good time-frame in which to plan your six (6) days birding vacation in eastern Jamaica.    Persons can also combine this six (6) days birding adventure with up to nine (9) additional days of relaxation at one of Jamaica's grand resorts, small hotels, private accommodation villas or unique guest houses!  Read more...

Your eight days bird watching tour across Jamaica.

This birding vacation package is two days longer than the one previously introduced.  However it touches all the bird habitats offered in both of our four (4) and six (6) days birding tours plus other habitats which are located on Jamaica's south coasts which are also mentioned in our following ten (10) days birding tour.  Enjoy starting your eight days Jamaica birding adventure in Jamaica's western city then on to visiting the northwestern bird habitats of the Cockpit Country before hitting Jamaica's main dry-forest areas which are located on the extreme southeast before hitting Jamaica's capital city, Kingston.  From the city of Kingston the tour continues to the southeastern parts of the Blue Mountains.  

Enjoy classic birding, in these parts before you head north across the central Blue Mountains.  After experiencing the charm of peaceful accommodation venues, top class Blue Mountain Coffee and superb views of various rare bird species, your tour hits the northern Blue Mountains for the presence of more rare birds before going on to where Jamaica's tourism all began, Port Antonio.  Here you will have the opportunity of birding on the paradise coasts, moist, dense and lush forests of the lower and upper John Crow Mountains, rivers, river mouths, flowering gardens of your birding lodge accommodation, woodland areas and canopies.  Persons can also combine this eight (8) days birding adventure with up to seven (7) additional days of relaxation at one of Jamaica's grand resorts, small hotels, private accommodation villas or unique guest houses!  Read more...

Your ten days bird watching tour around Jamaica

This Nine Nights, Ten Days Jamaican Birding vacation which is known by numerous birders as the Ten Days Jamaican Birding Extravaganza now offers ten (10) days of exciting; but also easy going birding!  In addition to our four (4) days birding tour of northern Jamaica, our six (6) days birding tour of eastern Jamaica and our eight (8) days bird watching tour across Jamaica, Attractions Link Tourism Services also conduct a ten (10) days bird watching tour around Jamaica.  This birding adventure is the longest of our four multiday birding tours.  This ten (10) days birding tour is somewhat similar to our seven (7) nights eight (8) days birding tour across Jamaica except that it takes our birders to some areas which are not visited on any of our three previous birding tours which are mentioned. 

This easy going birding adventure is highly supported by older birders being that it allows these persons more nights in the areas in order to visit more habitats.  This longer birding also afford our birders more time for relaxation at accommodation venues and less driving time to birding areas and more time on outings.  This explicit, highly rated and most preferred Jamaica birding experience, take our birding guests to over two thirds of Jamaica and visit the island's top birding areas; allowing them to see Jamaica's twenty nine (29) species of endemic birds, plus a large number of other species within a ten (10) days period, at easy going pace.  Persons can also combine this ten (10) days birding adventure with up to five (5) additional days at any of Jamaica's grand resorts, small hotels, private accommodation villas or unique guest houses!  Read more....