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Botanical Hike

Cinchona Botanical Gardens still exhibits among Jamaica's beauty and grandeur. The splendor and glory of  Cinchona Gardens nestled in the cool, high and moistly hills of the Blue Mountains, sits at an altitude between 4,500 and 5,500 ft.   Established in 1868, this unusual attraction, Cinchona Botanical Gardens, sits between the parishes of Portland and St. Andrew.  This splendid haven of tranquility "Cinchona" is the only garden of its type in the Caribbean. 

In its early years, Allen Eyre commented that only the slopes of the Volcan Chiriqui of Panama offers anything comparable for majestic loveliness. From Cinchona one gets a majestic view of communities located in the southern hills  the Blue Mountains, Liguanea plains, and Kingston.  Over forty acres of Cinchona was planted with Asian Tea and there was also a garden of European crops.  At present, there are plans to revitalize the Garden. 

If you are holidaying in Kingston, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio or anywhere in the Blue Mountains, you are welcome to join one of our hiking trips to this enchanting attraction.  If you are interested in Bird Watching, you will have your bird watching desire filled with views of most of Jamaica's rare endemic species of Birds which can be found elsewhere but not easily seen in those areas the way they are easily seen around Cinchona Gardens.  Sharpen your cardiovascular condition and brighten your eyes then get ready for your high mountain hiking or bird watching adventure at Cinchona Gardens.

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Cost for this tour from "Kingston or the southern Blue Mountains" includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour. 
  • One lunch per person
  • Hike guide.

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From Kingston.

If you are travelling from Kingston as a single person from Kingston and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$ 295.00 Single. 

From Kingston

If you are travelling from Kingston as a couple or member of a group numbering between two (2) to ten (10) persons your cost is US$ 177.00 per person. 


Ocho Rios/Pt Antonio

If you are travelling from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio as a single person and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$325.00 Single. 

Ocho Rios/Pt Antonio

If you are travelling from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio as a couple or member of a group numbering between two (2) to (10) persons your cost is US$195.00 per person.

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