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Hiking in Jamaica

Walking outdoors for exercise for long or short periods can be fun!  However walking outdoors in high mountains on challenging trails for hours, can be a little more than just exercise.  Walking for recreational purposes sometimes require the ability to push the body to various limits.  Many persons from different parts of the World will take vacations to other parts of their country or the World, which includes strenuous walks through jungles, along embankments of rivers and waterfalls which are located in mainly high mountains.  

In various parts of the World where vehicular transportation is not prevalent, many persons use their feet as means of transportation.  Some doctors actually recommend hiking to their patients as means of therapy for various health reasons.  Having a couple of hour walk each day, help persons to develop healthy cardiovascular conditions.  Persons living in large cities with busy streets may not have proper facility for hiking.  In this case, they have to drive to recreational parks which are far from their homes in order to have a safe walk for exercise. 

Air qualities and weather conditions in some large cities can be a large obstacle for persons with asthmatic conditions.  This is why persons in these areas usually have to take vacations at least one time per year, in order to get away from these fatigues.  Here in Jamaica there are several areas which provide clean air for not just a stroll or walking exercise; but also for treacherous and challenging hiking activities and adventures.  Please, come and enjoy one of our hiking vacations.  If you are in Jamaica for any other occasion, take a little time of and join one of our hiking excursions or single day tours.

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