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Are you planning on visiting Jamaica? While vacationing in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, get the best from your holidays by joining one of our hiking excursions from any of the three resort areas mentioned.  From your place of accommodation, you are invited to take break from the beach and re-vitalize yourself with the sweet fragrance from the blossoms of flouring plants, fresh air, lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, spectacular views, accommodating people and educational information regarding the other side of Jamaica.  All of these can be obtained when you take a hike with us on one of our hiking day-tours to the Blue Mountains or the Rio Grande Valley during your vacation in Jamaica. 

These hiking tours are designed by Attractions Link Tourism Services to afford vacationers to Jamaica the opportunity of seeing another side of Jamaica and what this beautiful country has to offer to its visitors.  Hike to various elevations, stop at different coffee farms, learn about different plant and their uses! Learn about our birds!   During your holidays or even from home, please feel free to contact our sales and marketing department regarding additional information relating to any of the hiking excursions listed below.  If you are satisfy with our briefings and itineraries, please go ahead and book online using our secure payment system which details are posted at the bottom of each itinerary. 

During your vacation in Jamaica, you are welcome to join one of our hiking day-tours  or mountain and valley excursions which are offered to persons holidaying in the Blue Mountains, Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio.  If you are holidaying in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio, your cool day in one of Jamaica's mountainous regions can be arrange right here on this website.  You are invited to come and hike with us.  Enjoy and explore the Jamaica's unusual attractions which no one talk about.  These can only be found on other side of Jamaica where the real explorers come.

Take a break from the beach for new experiences such as these great activities and adventures which allows you to meet new faces while exploring the coolest areas of Jamaica's country side.  Meet the Jamaican people, learn their lifestyle, and enjoy our fresh Jamaican fruits during your cool mountain explorations.  Posted on this wabsite, are three (3) of the major hiking day-tour excursions which are currently operated by Attractions Link Tourism services.  After combing through the educational information provided, you are most welcome to contact us regarding the package which interests you most.

Our experienced day-tour planners will be happy to assist you in making your hiking excursion one to return to.  If you do not want to hike in a large group or you do not want to hike on one of scheduled dates, you are welcome to personalize your hiking activities.  We do provide a guide for even one person!  If we are preparing to hike with a large group, special attention is given the slower hikers during the journey.  In these cases, there are sometimes three (3) guides used so that the faster hikers can enjoy walking at a higher pace and do not have to stop and wait for the slower participants.  Organizing your hiking day-tour is what we enjoy doing.  We look forward to serving

Hike to the Blue Mountain Peak

Challenge yourself!  While in Jamaica, take the opportunity of being able to say that you have made it to Jamaica's highest point of elevation.  Wherever in Jamaica you are staying, Attractions Link Tourism will make it possible for you to hike to the Blue Mountain Peak!  Take a night or two from the usual sand and beach setting.  Relax in an immaculate mountain lodge, or a rustic mountain hostel.  Enjoy the cool night-breeze before going off to a few hours sleep, before taking your early morning challenge to Jamaica's point.  Do your best to get there before sunrise just to see the sun climbing out of the eastern ocean. 

This tour allows our guests to test their fitness levels in terms of their fitness and endurance.  This Grueling hike starts at about five thousand feet (5,000 ft.) in elevation and ends at exactly seven thousand, four hundred and two feet (7,402 ft.).  At this elevation, persons will have breathtaking views of most of over two-thirds of Jamaica's coasts including its northeaster, extreme eastern and southeastern shore-lines.  This one in a life-time adventure for many, has fulfill the dreams of numerous persons from all around the World.  Read more....

Hike to Cinchona Gardens

Similar to our hike to the Blue Mountain Peak, the hike to Cinchona Gardens will take you into cool or sometimes chilly conditions as you ascend to higher and steeper elevations minutely!  These steep and hilly Terrains are most-times treacherous and physically challenging.  If you are highly interested in Nature's Flora, Fauna and would like to take a day out, away from confusion cause from the hustle and bustle which emerges from crowded and mass developed areas of the World, look no further.

This hike which starts in a valley located at about three thousand feet (3,000 ft) and end end at an elevation of over five thousand six hundred and eleven feet (5,611 ft.) allow, our clients to hike for over three (3) hours "one way" and about six (6) hours "round-trip" through some of the Blue Mountain's highest located coffee farms, forests and open mountain ridges before coming to the secluded botanical garded located in the centeral Blue Mountains.  Time spent at the gardens will be about one and a half (1.5) to two (2) hours.  Read more....

Blue Mountain Hiking and Coffee Plantation Tour

This tour is operated in the northern region of the blue mountains and was developed mainly for guests vacationing in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio areas.  While on your vacation in any of these three resort areas, you will find it very interesting and valuable to take break from the beach, busy streets and the usual touristic activities, to a harmonious and Eco-friendly atmosphere, in the lush and moist mountain ranges of the northern Blue Mountains.  This educational, inspirational and physical experience, will help you as a visitor to know more about the real Jamaica by way of interaction with the local people of these inland areas.  

On your requested tour date you will be met by your tour guide at your accommodation venue then drive into the northern Blue Mountains for your hike to two interesting coffee processing plants own by local farmers.  On your scenic ride from Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, you will enjoy the beautiful coastline before venturing into the lush mountains.  On the route along the mountain road, you will not be able to resist asking your tour guide to stop for you to take photographs of the evergreen mountain slopes.  Read more.... 

Hiking in the Rio Grande Valley, combined with rafting.

This  activity is a one and a two and a half (2.5) hour hike which is designed to take persons through an area of the Rio Grande Valley before taking their raft ride down the Rio Grande.  This 4 miles or six 6.43 kilometers hike is easy for the first half before getting a bit strenuous at the two thirds point.  This part of your exercise, also allows you to stop at different points in the deep-rural communities where you can interact with the local people and purchase small items from small village shops. 

Your remaining third will be all down hill to the Rio Grande, where you will go aboard your raft.  Before boarding your raft, you will have the opportunity to use proper sanitary conveniences and change into your bathing suits, before starting your rafting trip.  Half-way down-river, you will stop for lunch which will be served at a place suitable for swimming, before or after your lunch.  Read more....