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Blue Mountain Hiking and Coffee Plantation Tour

Are you planning on visiting Jamaica any time soon?  During your holiday planning, it will be worth your while if you just give some thought on a day-trip to the northern Blue Mountains.  You can choose to do this trip as a lone traveller with your guide, a couple who want to be alone with your guide; or member of a group.  Whichever of the three choices you make, your desire will be facilitated on request.  This Eco-adventure excursion is operated in the northern region of the blue mountains and was developed mainly for guests vacationing in the areas of KingstonOcho Rios and Port Antonio.  

If you are holidaying in Montego Bay or Negril for your entire holidays, you are also welcome to experience this educational, historic and physical adventure.  However, we do recommend that you considering having even one overnight in one of the three resort areas mentioned above, in order to facilitate your ease of access in terms of driving time to this sensational part of Jamaica.  While on your vacation in any of these resort areas mentioned, you will find it very interesting and valuable to take a break from the beach, busy city streets and the usual touristic activities, to a harmonious and Eco-friendly atmosphere. 

This inspirational, sensational and peaceful experience, will bring you great delight as a visitor to know more about the real Jamaica by way of interesting facts from your tour guide and also interaction with the local people of these inland areas.  Experience and enjoy the flora and fauna of these natural areas of Jamaica.  Learn about the Worlds best Coffee while you traverse organic coffee farms on foot!

Explore The Northern Blue Mountains


Educational and Recreational Activities

From your place accommodation until you return, you will be educationally informed as you traverse Jamaica's northern coastline, mountain ranges and river valleys.  At or about 3,800ft. in elevation you will disembark your motor vehicle and get ready to start the first phase of your hiking adventure.  During the first phase of your hiking adventure, you will experience walking through areas which are plastered with small coffee farms.  These farms are owned by local coffee farmers who are living in the area. 

This part of your hike will take you up a steepish trail to an elevation of over 4,500ft. or 1,371.60m. which is the highest you will go on your hike.  From here you will start phase two of your hike heading slightly downhill to the Rastafarian Coffee Operation which is located at 4,000ft. of 1,219.20m.  On arrival at the processing area, you would have completed phase two of your hiking adventure. 

At this unique coffee operation, everything from the farm to the processing area is run in an environmentally friendly way; and over eighty percent of work is done by hand.  Here, you will be lectured about the process from sewing of the coffee seeds to transplanting of the young plants to harvesting to processing.  After which you will be presented with your cup of  freshly brewed "organically grown" Blue Mountain coffee, on the house!  After this tremendous treat, you will be ready for phase three of your hike back to your motor vehicle for your ride to the waterfalls.  


View Organic Coffee Farms While Hiking.


Additional Information

After your hike the trails and forests of the higher mountainous regions of Jamaica, have a delicious cup of freshly brewed World famous Blue Mountain Coffee, have marvelous views of the deep valleys and a swim in some of Jamaica's finest waters, you will come to appreciate that the end of a day, filled with unusual activities is coming to an end.  However, this is not the end of your tour.  In addition to the abundance of fun you will have, the return trip to your accommodation, begins after swimming. 

You are now out of the water and feeling fresh, you will then get aboard your motor vehicle which is provided for your transportation, back to your place of accommodation.  Please note that having a rain coat, umbrella, hat, proper walking shoes, towel, extra t shirt and shorts or pants are ideal and could become handy during your tour.  Also, please contact us regarding special "low rate" group tours from Ocho Rios on Thursdays and Saturdays.  Please note that the special group rate only apply to seven (7) or more persons.


 Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • One picnic snack lunch per person. 
  • Visit to a waterfall for optional swimming
  • Hiking guide.

Please contact us regarding availability and anything else you need to know about this tour.  We look forward to have you hiking with us. 

For All Your Enjoyment.


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Kingston/Ocho Rios

If you are booking this tour as a single person from Kingston or Ocho Rios and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$ 225.00.  Please view your two payment options below:

Kingston/Ocho Rios

If you are booking this tour from Kingston or Ocho Rios as a couple or member of a group numbering from two (2) to six (6) persons, your cost is US$135.00 per person.  Please view your two payment options below:

Port Antonio

If you are booking this tour as a single person from Port Antonio and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$210.00.  Please view your two payment options below.

Port Antonio

If you are booking this tour from Port Antonio as a couple or member of a group numbering from two (2) to six (6) persons, your cost is US$126.00 per person.  Please view your two payment options below:

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