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Overview of your hiking activities

From your place of accommodation in Kingston, Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, take a day trip hiking in the lush green and cool hills of the Rio Grande Valley where the plants grow in abundance with beautiful flowers projecting a blend of strong tropical colours.  This exercise, allows you to hike a loop rout which starts in a major village and take you through a former banana estate to a small mountain village then down a manageable trail to another village which is located at a lower elevation in the Rio Grande Valley.  Enjoy the viewing of brightly coloured birds that fly from tree to tree.  

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the lush green mountains which rises over 2,700 feet in elevation. These mountains are some of the most lush high-lands in the entire Caribbean being that this part of Jamaica can account for the most rainfall on the island.  These lower mountains embraces the northern slopes of the misty Blue Mountains, over looking the Rio Grande River, these mountains can be identified from far away as they are visible by their inviting greenery and sharp pointing peaks that sticks out against the clouds and skies. 

During your hike, you can have breathtaking views of the communities which are located on plain-like parts of the lower areas of the deep valleys.  Enjoy listening to the fluty music which breezy notes are frequently changed by the speed of the wind as it pushes up the mountainside.  Hear the gushing sounds of swift flowing springs and smaller rivers which are tributaries to the Rio Grange River, as they flow powerfully down the mountainsides.

Exploring the hills of the Rio Grande Valley.


Your Rafting Activity

While you are hiking, you will also feel the cooler air as it flows down from the higher mountain range against the warmer air which pushes up from the Caribbean Sea.  When this combination is merged with the sweet fragrance from  flowering plants, the oxygen you breathe in becomes a natural medicine for any lung fatigue any hiker might have.  At the end of your hiking, you will be ready for your river rafting adventure. 

This seven (7) miles leg of your trip will take you down-river on a 38 ft. or 11.52 m bamboo raft which is totally maneuvered by a skilled, experienced and knowledgeable raft captain who will ensure your safety while you relax and enjoy your leisurely sail down the river.  Although you will experience some refreshing breeze during your hike, you would have worked up some heavy perspiration during the hiking segment of this marvelous day trip. 

While rafting, you will be tempted to dip  your tired muscles in the river a few times before your stop for lunch which is half-way down-river.  At your lunch stop, you will be served a delicious lunch which is consist a variety of local cuisine backed up by some refreshing Jamaican fruit juice or cold Red Strip Beer.  After lunch, you can have another refreshing swim before the remainder of your river experience.  At the end of lunch, or lunch and swimming, you will then board your raft for the second time for the remainder of your tour which will take you to the end of the river.  


Enjoy your raft ride and lunch!



At the end of your rafting experience, you will have the opportunity of using the restrooms, refresh yourself, then get aboard your transport for your drive back to your place of accommodation. For your ever wanting experience of peace and quietness,  you will want to contact Attractions Link Tourism Services, the premier organizers of hiking activities in Jamaica.  

Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • Hiking cost  
  • One (1) Lunch on the river per person
  • Rafting cost 
  • Hike guide.

All rates quoted above are quoted for persons staying in the Port Antonio area.  For persons staying in Kingston or Ocho Rios, their costs may differ based on transportation.  For more information regarding booking and other inquiries, please contact us using the information provided.

For additional information regarding food, gears and other necessary equipment which you will need to take on your trip, will also be imparted to you in your trip confirmation.  These will enable you to be fully prepared for your day-trip in the Rio Grande Valley. 

Your day in the Rio Grande Valley.


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Kingston/Ocho Rios

If you are travelling Kingston or Ocho Rios as a single person, and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$ 367.00.  

Kingston/Ocho Rios

If you are travelling from Kingston or Ocho Rios as a couple or in group numbering between two (2) and ten (10) persons, your cost is US$220.20 per person

Port Antonio

If you are travelling from Port Antonio as a single person, and want to do this tour privately, your cost is US$ 235.00.  

Port Antonio

If you are travelling Port Antonio as a couple or in group numbering between two (2) and ten (10) persons, your cost is US$141.00 per person

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