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Day Tour Of Kingston

Jamaica's capital city Kingston, is located on the southeastern side of the island.  This historic city has a population of over nine hundred thousand people.  With its rich history and interesting sites to visit, vacationers to Jamaica can join one of our day tours from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio to Jamaica's capital city.  Vacationers traversing our beautiful island by way of our birding, cultural, cycling, hiking or leisure vacations, will also be able to have some time in this historic city.  Educate yourself by gathering a wealth of Jamaican History when you visit buildings that are land-marks of Jamaica' rich history. 

Jamaica's current Capital City Kingston and its former Capital City Spanish Town, together host various ancient buildings some of which are of Spanish, British and other European architecture.  These older buildings sometimes dray the intention of persons who enjoy looking at these ancient structures and how they were designed and built.  By being the garden which Jamaica's music was planted and have grown, persons who are musically inclined will find it fascinated to visit Bob Marley's Museum, Culture Yard, Tuff Gong studio and recording factory plus a large number of other recording studios.  For the art lovers, a visit to the National Art Gallery can be arranged by our tour planning team.  Read more....

Day Tour Of Montego Bay

Coming soon. 

Day Tour Of Negril

When one think of Negril, the first think that comes to mind is, seven miles of white-sand beach, night-life, entertainment.  There is more to those in Negril.  If you are holidaying in negril, or thinking of spending some time in Negril,  Attractions Link has the oltimate plan for you in that of a day-tour in around that resort town.  How about visiting the Negril Palm Reserve?  Here you can see various birds to include some of Jamaica's 28 endemic bird species, crocodiles and various plants.  Read more....

Day Tour Of Ocho Rios

From your hotel villa or guest house in Kingston, Montego Bay, Negril or Port Antonio, you are invited to join a relaxing excursion to the resort town of Ocho Rios.  This informative day tour will take you mainly along shoreline main roads which embraces the lashing of the Caribbean as it cool the rocks and sandy shores of the north coast.  Regardless of which of the resort towns mentioned above you will be travelling from, this excursion takes you through several towns, before you arrive  in Ocho Rios.  If you are travelling from Kingston, you will encounter some mountainous regions on your way to and from this remarkable town.  On arrival in Ocho, you will be driven first to the Dunns River Falls attraction, which is located west of the town of Ocho Rios.  Read more....

Day Tour Of Port Antonio

From your hotel villa or guest house in Kingston, you are invited to join this relaxing tour of the Port Antonio area.  Your drive from Kingston will take you through the cool hills of the lower Blue Mountains to the north coast.  Here you will travel eastwards along the north-eastern coast to Port Antonio.

From your hotel villa or guest house in Ocho Rios, you are invited to join this relaxing tour of the Port Antonio area.  This tour will take you eastwards along the north coast, from Ocho Rios to Port Antonio.  On arrival in Port Antonio from any of these two areas, you will first visit the Errol Marina then tour The Titchfield Peninsula.  From your hotel villa or guest house in Port Antonio, you are also invited to join this relaxing tour of the Port Antonio area.   Read more....

Day Tour Of Jamaica's South Coast

Welcome to my website, enjoy Your stay.  Information on this tour will be here soon.  We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

Port Antonio Rain Forest and East Coast Tour

From your accommodation venue in or around Port Antonio, take a scenic ride along the northeast coast, then through a rainforest, to Reich Falls. During your ride along the coast, you will have an opportunity of seeing  places such as the Trident Castle, Pelu Island, the Blue Lagoon and Errol Flynn’s estate.  After travelling for a distance of about fifteen (15) km, you will then head southwards driving through a rain forest which is located in the northern foothills of the John Crow Mountains.  Enjoy the vegitation as you venture from the coast into this rain forest.  Read more....

Fly And Drive Jamaica

From montego Bay or Negril, you can have splended day in Port Antonio by signing up for one of our fly and drive tours.  This can be done from your home before you travel to Jamaica or from your hotel in any of the two resort areas mentioned above or, you can just go to personal computer or smart phone and book online.  Take a break rom the large buildings and see real Jamaica.  Read more....

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