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Port Antonio, the cradle of Jamaica's tourism.  This super-cool sea-side town is located on the northeastern shores of Jamaica.  This laid-back Caribbean Haven, has so much to offer to its visitors.  These are different types of  accommodation facilities, such as Hollywood style boutique hotels, beach-front villas, forest mansions, beach cottages, mountain cabins and low-budget guest houses.  These accommodation sites are backed up by a large number of varied attractions which are mainly Eco-adventure and wildlife attractions. 

These natural facilities spurs activities and adventures such as bird watching, cycling, hiking and river rafting.  To enjoy these varied attractions, one need to stay in Port Antonio for at least a week.  If you are considering spending some time in port Antonio, Attractions Link Tourism Services can arrange suitable accommodation to meet your budget.  This company also assist persons in getting to Port Antonio, by way of air, land and sea.  Getting to Port Antonio by road is the primary way, regardless of where you are travelling from, day or night. 

For more information on travelling to Port Antonio by road, please see the page entitled transportation between resort areas of Jamaica.  Here you will be able to see and choose various options in this regard.  Persons who have the desire of getting to Port Antonio by air can do so by contacting us in order to get precise information towards hiring a private chartered airplane from Kingston, Montego BayNegril or Ocho Rios

Port Antonio also welcome visitors by sea.  These can be cruise ship visitors for a day, or persons stopping by in its World-class state of the marina for as much a month.  While you are in town, take some time out to enjoy Port Antonio for more than just the name.  Convince yourself that you can do this by contacting our reservation and booking staff using the information provided on our contact us page. 

Learn about the ambiance of Port Antonio's hospitality by experiencing it.  Learn about the charm and beauty of Port Antonio's Attractions by visiting them.  Learn about the lush forests, birds, mountains, valleys, rivers and waterfalls by exploring them.  For sure, our knowledgeable staff at Attractions Link Tourism Services, will be happy to help you to have a fantastic time in the most beautiful part of the Caribbean, Port Antonio.

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Port Antonio's History

This  unique part of the World also have a great history.  From the days of trading Africans for land, Logwood Timber for Red Bricks, down to Banana for tourist, you will find it fascinating when you book one of our complete birding, cycling, hiking or leisure vacation package, birding, cycling, hiking or leisure excursion package.  You will also learn a lot from your driver even if you are doing just a transfer from the airport to your place of accommodation, or hotel to hotel. Learn more about the history of this legendary getaway spot for Hollywood greats from past to present. 


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