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Explore your options in searching for affordable cost on suitable, comfortable and affordable accommodations facilities in Jamaica.  From a rustic cottage to a five (5) star hotel we are here to help you identify and arrange the most suitable accommodation to match your likeness.  Below you will find a list of different accommodation island wide.  Each highlighted briefing will lead you to their related pages associated with that category. We do hope that you will be happy with our presentations and that we'll be able to help you in making your desired vacation a reality.

At a time when everyone around the world are having severe economical challenges, we want to make sure that travellers with a desire of having full satisfaction during their vacations, not just think about Jamaica but travel to Jamaica.  At Attractions Link Tourism Services, our motto points to the best tourism services being offered at very low cost. Please click the link below in order to view your options.  If you have received our assistance booking your accommodation in the past or have booked a full vacation package which included accommodation arrangements, you are welcome to leave your comments here.

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Attractions Link Tourism Services have gone to the extreme, in order to promote Jamaica's Birding to the World.  By doing this many birders have travelled from various parts of the World to Jamaica in order to experience bird watching in a quiet, easy and friendly way.  These persons have have expressed their honest opinion regarding the services of  this compact, aligned and rounded company which is driven by a knowledgeable group of hard working and committed people who know what it takes to arrange bird watching activities weather it is a full birding vacation package or just a single day birding excursion.

Below are a list of the various birding holiday packages and single day birding excursion or tour packages which is offered by this company.  If you have done any of the following activities, you are welcome to voice your opinion regarding the activity which you have done.  This can be placed in the comment section below.

Birding Vacation Packages:-

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If you are thinking of a birding vacation or single day birding activity in Jamaica, you are welcome to follow any of the links above to its respective page where you will be able to get additional and precise information regarding your Jamaica birding interest.  Thanks for making it Attractions Link Tourism Services!  You are at the place where birding arrangements and activities are easy in every aspect!



Having a passion for the sport of cycling, one of our directors, Lorenzo Murdock otherwise known as Wayne, would not be happy if cycling activities were not promoted by this organization.  For this reason, we have decided to promote cycling vacations and tours to Jamaicans and persons visiting Jamaica.  Our cycling vacation packages covers three areas in which persons can enjoy the use of their bicycles while on holidays in Jamaica.

We have for the profesional cyclist and his or her friends or family, a luxury vacations package where cyclists and their family or friends are housed in private villas where they have their own house-keeper and cook.  From here, they can go riding very day for high level training with local racing cyclists.  We have for the explorers, a package where they can sleep in different resort areas and visit different attractions around Jamaica using their bicycles.   Observing the links below will help you to garner more information.

Cycling vacation packages:-

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Designed specifically for the adventurous traveller, our hiking vacations and day-tours are developed mainly to allow persons of Ecological interest to enjoy Jamaica from an Ecological standpoint.  Our hiking vacations and day-tours can be arrange on-line from your home outside of Jamaica and here in Jamaica.  If you are already vacationing in Jamaica, your hiking day-tour can be arrange on-line from your hotel, villa, guest house or local residence in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio areas.

While on your vacation in any of these two resort areas, you will find it very interesting and valuable to take brelak from the beach and the usual touristic activities to a harmonious and Eco-friendly atmosphere.  These educational, inspirational and physical experience, will help you as a visitor to know more about the real Jamaica by way of interaction with the local people of these inland areas.

Hiking Vacations:-

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After hearing what others have said, please have a look at the packages listed above.  If you have not experience any of these services, you will be able to learn more and you will also be able to book it on line!



While browsing our website, you may notice that most of our services are focused mainly on activities to do with birding, cycling and hiking.  Please do not overlook our leisure activities section.  Attractions Link Tourism Services provide a wide range of tourism services in relation to leisure.  Listed below, are several notations highlighting the various leisure services which we provide.  You are welcome to explore these pages by clicking the one you have experienced or the one you would like to experience.

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If you have experienced any of our transportation services, you are asked to leave a comment regarding the service which you have received.  In order to do this, please click on the page which is listed in the following list of pages which will identify the exact service which you have received.  This will allow you to give others your honest opinion regarding that said service.

If you are living in Jamaica or planning on travelling to Jamaica and at some point need or will need excellent transportation services, you are welcome to contact Attractions Link Tourism Services regarding the category of motor vehicle you will or may need to carryout your transportation committments in and around Jamaica.  At Attractions Link Tourism Services, we provide a wide range of motor vehicles which are ideal for any transportation need.  Please view from the links below by clicking on the one which suits your desire.