Bird watching in the forests of the northern, central and southern Blue Mountains is always spectacular.  This blessed part of Jamaica, is home to several lush forests which are located in different regions of these highly elevated peaks which overlook several deep valleys.  These forests are hosts to numerous bird habitats that are known as birding hot-spots.  These woodland areas are ideal for birding all day long, being that they are located in the highest and coolest parts of Jamaica.

If you are visiting Kingston as a tourist, explorer, business traveller and have an interest in bird watching, you can join one of our single day excursions to the southern or central Blue Mountains from that city.  If you are a birder or someone of birding interest holidaying in Port Antonio, you are welcome to join one of our single day birding excursions to the northern or central Blue Mountains.

Some of these birding hotspots are located at elevations of over 5,060 ft. or 1,542m and birds are always around because of the constant cool temperatures.  Birding in these areas allow birders to bird at ease, stopping at various points where they can have panoramic views of valleys below.  Watch the Cuckoos glide across the valleys from tree to tree, listen to the whistling sounds of the elusive Rufus-throated Solitaire as the sweetens the mountain and valleys with their fluty melodies.

Main Birds and Habitats


This area of the Blue Mountains is home for rare birds such as the Arrow-headed Warbler, Jamaican Black-bird, Crested Quail-dove, White-eyed Thrush, Rufus-throated Solitaire. Get your share of clean air, breathtaking views beautiful pictures!!


Utilize your opportunity of seeing one of these birds by booking a birding excursion or single day birding tour to the Blue Mountains with Attractions Link Tourism Services.


This part of the Blue Mountains hosts the Jamaican Lizard Cuckoos, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoos, Sad Fly-catchers, Rufus-tailed Fly-catchers, Jamaican Pewees, Jamaican Elaenias, White-chinned Thrushes, White-eyed Thrushes, Blue Mountain Vireos, Jamaican Vireos, Jamaican Spindalis are just a few of the birds to be seen here.


Commonly known as Glass Eye in Jamaica, the White-eyed Thrush is no an easy bird to find. Similar to the Rufus-throated Solitaire, this bird can be highly elusive. This bird can be one of your main lifers.


This is another part of the northern Blue Mountains. This area is nestled in tropical rain-forest, clothed with Blue Mahoe, cedar and American Pine, plus numerous species of trees and ferns that attracts the various species of birds that flocked these areas.


This bird is usually swift. However, it has already got its food, when seen it will not be around for long. It is already fed, and is feeding when viewed, it may stick around for a while. There is a great chance of seeing this bird on this tour.


This endemic vireo can be a tuff nut to crack especially on a hot day, time of day or time of year. Numerous persons have gone to various parts of the Blue Mountains and still miss this bird. Utilize your chances of being successful by taking your BIRDING TOUR OF THE BLUE MOUNTAINS with Attractions Link Tourism Services.


This is another beauty we know you will want to see. Being a deep forest bird is common in other areas such as the Cockpit Country and the John Crow Mountains, it will be your delight to see these at ease in any of the Blue Mountain forests.


Another rare bird on the island, however, reasonably common here, is the Arrow-headed Warbler. This bird is a stunning creature to watch while it performs various activities when doing its chores. Want to find this bird while birding in Jamaica?


This can be a tough bird on your list, even if you are birding for more than a day. It is also very elusive. However, if it is seen where there is food, one can get great photographs of this adoring creature. Our guides at Attractions Link Tourism Services are knowledgeable of where and how to find this bird.

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Our target birds in this area are, Arrow-headed Warblers, Jamaican Elaenias, Jamaican Lizard Cuckoos, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoos, Sad Fly-catchers, Jamaican Woodpeckers, Orange-quits, Jamaican Orioles, White Chinned Thrushes, Jamaican Black-bird, Crested Quail Doves, Rufus-throated Solitaires, White-crowned Pigeons, Ring-tailed Pigeons, Blue Mountain Vireos, Jamaican Vireos, Jamaican Pewees, Jamaican Becards, Yellow-shouldered Grass-quits, Jamaican Todies.  These are some of the sure endemics in this area.  During our search for the island's twenty nine (29) endemic species, we will be viewing several other species such as Bull-finches, Northern Antillean Elaenias.


In order to make sure that you have every opportunity to see the rare birds, we recommend that your birding starts not later than 6:00 am.  If you are holidaying in Kingston your departure time will be 5:00 am.  If you are holidaying in Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, you will need to depart your place of accommodation at or before 4:00 am.  If you are holidaying in Port Antonio, you will need to depart your place of accommodation at 4:30am.  Based on driving distances between these resort areas and the main habitats, these calculated times are ideal.  This will allow you enough time to arrive in any of the mentioned forests before 6:00 am, for you to start your birding activity.  Additional information will be given in your trip confirmation.


Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour.
  • One (1) packed breakfast per person on tour.
  • Birding guide fee.
  • Twelve page Jamaica birds checklist  

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