After you have navigated your way through our website, it would be good to know the persons who will be interacting with you, guiding you and touring with you after you have decided to acquire any of our affordable services.  This page serves to direct our valued viewers who will soon to be customers, to know the persons who will actually serve them from our team.  An early acquaintance will allow our guests to put names to faces when they meet the person or persons they were corresponding with prior to their coming to Jamaica, their assigned driver, guide and other persons they will be meeting for the first time.

Please see and get to know the persons who are involve in making Attractions Link Tourism Services' holiday activities and adventures interesting, educational and exciting. This will enhance your coming and touring with us on one of our bird watching vacationsbird watching tourscycling vacations and tourshiking vacationshiking toursleisure vacations and leisure tours!  Your support will be highly appreciated as it will make a difference in the forward movement of not just Attractions Link Tourism Services but also Jamaica's economy on a whole.  Please, meet our team members!



Like Roger, Marlon is also a native of Green Hills area in the northern Blue Mountains. Marlon attended the Cascade Primary School which is located in the same area then later, he attended the Buff Bay High School which is located in Buff Bay, Portland Jamaica. Currently, Marlon is employed by the National Conservation Development Trust. This Agency is a Government operation, which is responsible for the management and conservation of Jamaica's National park resources. Marlon is very accommodating. He is knowledgeable of birds, plants and the yherain in which he works.


Roger, is a native of Green Hills which is located in northern Blue Mountains. This area is a part of the lower Hardwar Gap and is one of Jamaica's most popular natural bird sanctuaries. Roger attended the Cascade Primary School which is located in the same area then later, he attended the Happy Grove High School which is located in the Hector's River, Portland Jamaica. Currently, Roger is employed by the Forestry department of Jamaica. This Agency is the Government’s lead agency which is responsible for the management and conservation of the country’s forest resources. Roger is a courteous hiking and birding guide


Ryan who currently work as a park ranger,
like Wayne, is a native of the Rio Grande
Valley. This area of eastern Jamaica,
is located in Jamaica. From an early
age, Ryan has always cherished birds.
While growing up in Mill Bank which is a
community located n the high mountains
of southern Port Antonio or the northern
sloops of the Blue Mountains, Ryan studied
his birds, plants and butterflies. Regarding
butterflies, this was easy for him, as this area
is the home and only place in the World, one can
find the Giant Swallow-tailed Butterflies.

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