Northeastern Jamaica is known for its production of strong cyclists over the years.  This part of Jamaica is also known for its rolling hills and moderate to high mountainous therein.  In this part of Jamaica, competitive cyclists can utilize the opportunity of holidaying in one of the best part of the World which will afford them various options which will keep them in top shape during the winter months when outdoor riding is not possible in their home country.

This section of Jamaica also have bike riding options for recreational riders who are on holidays and want to have some active bicycle riding.  In addition to that, this part of Jamaica contains the most varied attractions in all of the Caribbean.  While holidaying in this part of the Caribbean, cyclists have the opportunity of riding to all major attractions within the area.  If persons are holidaying with their families, arrangements are in place to transport their family or friends who are not riders to any attraction or cycling events the cyclist or cyclists will be visiting.

On arrival at the Donald Sangster's International Airport in Montego Bay, you will be met by our representative.  After greeting, you will board your transport which will take you to your accommodation site where you will spending the night.  Depending on your flight arrival time in Montego Bay you may have some time to relax, enjoy the pool before sitting down to a delicious Jamaican meal.  With your journey in mind for the following day, you may want to retire to bed.  

Enjoy a memorable and fitness rewarding week, riding over 800km of Jamaica's roads to include northern coastline and interior mountain roads.  Enjoy visiting various attractions with the use of your bicycle as transportation.  Experience delicious meals, rest in comfortable and relaxing style after your cycling activities.  Request a detailed itinerary.