Transportation Operation

Attractions Link Tourism Services wishes to advise its valued clients and suppliers of business namely; travel agents, tour operators, hoteliers, operators of villas and guest houses that ever since May 1st, 2012 to date, the following charge structure outlined below, has bin in effect in order to operate its transportation business more efficiently.  Please note that the rate structure outlined, is currently valid until further advised.  This rate structure is designed expeditiously in favor of all our valued customers, locals and foreigners alike.

It is so good to know that there is a transportation service in Jamaica that is allowing its customers to pay specifically based on the exact distance they will be travelling or have travelled.  We also want you our valued clients to know that we are here to help you save.  While you are saving, we want to provide you with the best transportation services to suit your needs.  Your comfort is our satisfaction.  Our pleasure, is to service you.  Your supporting the best transportation services in Jamaica, will afford you the opportunity of getting the lowest private charter transportation costs in Jamaica.  Your support will be highly appreciated.


Whenever transportation services are required of Attractions Link Tourism Services by a third party, meaning a hotel, villa, guest house, travel agent, another tour operator or anyone representing such service or services for their guest or guests, client or clients, these persons must have documentation in the form of a voucher outlining the actual service or services paid for by them to the third party.

For persons requiring any service or services from the company directly, he or she must present documentation in the form of a voucher to the company's representative at the commencing point of receiving the said service.  With all the above said, we remain flexible and negotiable in our arrangements with our clients before confirming contractual agreements with them.  Please see our fleet and rate structure regarding each class of motor vehicle provided below.


If you want to have a car for a day or a week with your private driver, our exclusive charter service is definitely for you.  Just contact us and you will have this service arrange in minutes.  Our well maintained cars range from 1297  cc or 1.3 ltrs engines which are great on your gas milage.  These are suitable for couples who are travelling privately.

Also for couples who are travelling privately but want to have little more space, there are cars with 1497 cc or 1.5 ltrs engines.   We also have cars with engines ranging from of 1797 cc or 1.8 engines to 1997 cc or 2 ltrs engines which will take a little more gas for your distances but have more space for a family which is consist of two adults and two children.  Please contact us regarding hourly, daily and weekly retes.


At Attractions Link Tourism Services, the private charter transportation rate structure starts with a based rate which is calculated on the first one to three (1 to 3) persons occupying or travelling in a Sedan or Station Wagon car.  These rates are calculated at US$1.40 per km "gross" for the smallest size motor vehicle and ends at US$ 6.95 per km “gross”, for the largest size motor vehicle, depending on the size of motor vehicle being used for the requested transportation service.  Please see our fleet and rate structure information.  

Whether the transportation service or services requires one-way transfer, round trip transfer or transportation in regards to any organized tour or excursion, the per km charges at ATTRACTIONS LINK for the size Motor vehicles we operate, are far less than what is charged on average anywhere around the world.  This pattern of rates calculation puts us inline with transportation operation Worldwide!


Illustrations regarding this service, speaks to situations in which a particular motor vehicle and it's driver is provided to transport a person, or number of persons or goods from one location to another over a set distance which is estimated to be covered within a particular time for a set cost that is agreed on by the purchaser of the service and Attractions Link Tourism Services.  Travelling time agreed on, should be enough to include at least twenty five (25) minutes for journey recess or, to change a flat tire, based on the distance to be travelled.

In this case, the service provider will suggest rest or recess stops at known points along the way.  This offer may or may not be accepted by the service receiver.  However, the service receiver reserves the right to suggest desired stops also.  Please bear in mind that requested stops by the service receiver that will take the driver and motor vehicle off the designated rout, or take the driver and motor vehicle outside the required time, an additional per minute charge based on the size of motor vehicle used will be accrued.

Our per minute waiting charges at ATTRACTIONS LINK is less than what is charged on average anywhere around the world.  In the event that the driver may feels sick, an engine failure or any other motor vehicle malfunctioning factor, the service provider shall provide another motor vehicle unit driver if needed, in order to complete the transfer .  This transformation should take place within a maximum time frame of thirty (30) minutes.


Information regarding transportation and other services which are provided for organized sightseeing tours and adventure trips are not much different from those which are outlined pertaining to round trip transfers. However, the transportation side of this service covers transportation provided for a person or number of persons from a designated pickup point to a destination point, plus to various attractions or activities which the service receiver or receivers may want to visit.

For example, take into consideration, a tour to Kingston from Port Antonio.  This tour covers a distance of over two hundred and fifty (250) km. round trip, plus driving around Kingston which covers over thirty (30) km.  Another example is our Ocho Rios tour from Port Antonio.  This tour spans a distance of over two hundred and twenty (220) km. round trip, plus another thirty (30) km. driving to and from all the sights visited in and around the Ocho Rios area.  In addition to this, we must add the waiting times spent at these sights. Costs for all these organize tours are calculated to include all what is mentioned here.


Illustrations regarding this service, speaks to situations in which a particular motor vehicle and it's driver is provided to transport a person, a number of persons or goods from one location to another, over an agreed distance, and return to the original starting point.  In some situations the driver will be asked to leave with the motor vehicle and return later, at an agreed time.

This decision is usually made by the person or persons requesting or receiving the service.  Please note that the cost for this service will billed as two (2) one way transfers. In the event that the driver is asked to wait for a specific period, based on the nature of the transportation service or services to be provided, the per minute waiting charge for that specific motor vehicle will be charged.