From your accommodation venue in Kingston, Ocho Rios and Port Antonio, you are welcome to join one of our day-tours/excursions to the Charles Town Maroon Village.  Here you will learn more about Jamaica's history, the first Jamaicans who were known as Taino Indians and at that time were called the Arawak Indians.  Learn about the lifestyle of the Africans who ran away from the plantations of the British then later joined the Tainos in the mountains to form a reckoning force known as the Maroon people.  Learn how these persons fought fiercely for their freedom. Learn how Jerk Pork was done originally by these runaway slaves while they were hiding in the high mountains of Jamaica and had to survive.

Your day-tour/excursion also include a hike to an eighteen century coffee processing plant, a swim in the Buff River and lunch.  Your lunch at Charles Town is of ancient day cuisine where different types of fish is cooked in coconut sauce or our National dish, Ackee and Salt-fish internationally known  as Salted Cod-fish.  You may also be able to experience the Taino's bread, "Bammy" which is made from a starchy staple known as Cassava.  This is usually serve with fresh fish from the river or sea.  Learn about various plants and herbs, their uses and how they save lives in the past.


Cost for this tour includes:-

  • All transportation in regards to this tour
  • Tour of the Maroon Museum
  • Drumming and dancing
  • One lunch per person
  • Access cost to Maroon Village and activities

For more information regarding booking and other inquiries, please contact us using the information provided.