Jamaica's capital city, Kingston, is basically the head quarters of the country's affairs.  Jamaica's two (2) major political parties, all major banks, insurance companies, airline companies, travel agencies, utility companies, major transport companies, government agencies, embassies, unions and small business agencies all have their head offices in Kingston.  Many years ago, if a Jamaican needs a passport, certificate of title for land, top legal assistance regarding government or other matters, they had to go to Kingston to have these matters sorted out.

Kingston hosts Jamaica's first International Airport in that of the Norman Manley International airport.  This airport  handles International flights to Jamaica that transport cargo and passengers.  Kingston now has the main cargo shipping hub for the Caribbean region in that of the Kingston Wharves which are located in the Kingston Harbour.  Regarding travellers to Jamaica, Kingston caters to a large number of business, recreational, leisure, adventurous and incentive travellers from around the world.

If your travelling to Jamaica as a tourist and the nature of your vacation should take you to areas such as the Blue Mountains or Port Antonio, our recommendation to you is to fly into Kingston.  There may be less expensive flights to Montego Bay; being that most or all of the major charter flights goes to Montego Bay.  However, your ride from the Norman Manley International airport in Kingston to the blue Mountains or Port Antonio, will be far much shorter and far less expensive.  For more information on facts regarding Kingston please see below or contact us using the information provided on the contact us page.



Are a music lover, or one who take great interest in music? If so, you are invited to join one of our sightseeing tours to Kingston from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio. This attraction is included in that tour.


One of Jamaica's historic landmarks. Join one of our single day leisure excursion from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio, and learn more about this historic site.


A tour of the inside of Devon House can be arrange. However, this is not included in the quoted cost for the tour of Kingston.


Take a slow ride through the main parts of Kingston, on your way to Trench Town's Culture Yard.


See what keep Reggae Music alive by watching the young children of Trench Town where Bob Marley grew up, play musical instruments, sing and walk in the footsteps of Bob Marley.

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Accommodation in Kingston varies from a simple low budget bed and breakfast to luxurious rooms and suits in business class hotels.  Depending on your occasion in Kingston and your accommodation taste, our tourist destination management team at Attractions Link Tourism Services will be able to assist you in getting your accommodation desire, while holidaying or on business in Jamaica's capital city.  Accommodation in Kingston comes with various plans.  These are bed only, the traditional Bed and breakfast plan, modified American plan which means bed with breakfast and dinner.  Whichever of these you will want to have on your vacation or business trip, Attractions Link Tourism Services will be able to assist you in putting together your desired stay in Kingston Jamaica.

If you are holidaying in other resort areas of Jamaica, you are welcome to our capital city.  Regardless of the bad press this city might have at times, it is worthwhile knowing the truth by testing the water yourself; as these stories are blown out of proportion most of the time.  If you are staying in Ocho Rios or Port Antonio and would like to visit Kingston, Attractions Link Tourism Services currently operate a day tour of Kingston from these resort areas which allows you to see some of Kingston's main attractions for locals and tourists alike.  These attractions are, Bob Marley's Museum, Culture Yard, Devon House and Port Royal.  If there is anywhere or anything you would want to do or see in Kingston that is not mentioned, please, feel free to contact us using the information provided on the contact us page.