Are you planning on taking a cruise soon?  Please, direct your thoughts on taking a Caribbean Cruise that visits Jamaica.  However, before doing so, it will be good for you to know some things about the cruise port, the town it is located in, what that town has to offer to its cruise passengers; such as port facilities, walking areas, adventures, attractions and activities; which are not too far from your port of arrival.  Would't it be god if you know a little history concerning the area or areas your cruise vessel will be visiting before going?  If you are planning on taking an excursion while your cruise vessel is in port, your escort or tour guide will be able to give good lectures concerning the whole island.  However, it would be good to know some things from home.  This page provides just that.

During the early 1890s, numerous voyages were made across the Atlantic Ocean by ships, transporting bananas from Jamaica to England.  In order to make each voyage worthwhile, these ships also transported many tourists to Jamaica from the United Kingdom.  Jamaica's Tourism Trade, actually started by way of this!  At that time over eighty percent (80%) of Jamaica's Bananas were shipped from the small seaside town of Port Antonio, to the United Kingdom.  Between the early 1900s through to the 1981, the small town of Port Antonio was Jamaica's premier visitors paradise.

In fact, it was during the year 1938 Errol Flynn instigated the Rio Grande Rafting Adventure; upgrading bamboo rafts which was then used to transport bananas down-rive to these seen now with seats that are currently used to transport tourist down-river.  During the early to mid 1980s, the idea of getting more cruise ship visitors to Jamaica gradually drifted westwards to Ocho Rios, then Montego Bay and currently, Falmouth.  From that time to date, a large fraction of Jamaica's revenue by way of tourism comes from cruise-shipping.  Below this introduction is a slideshow; which highlights Jamaica's four (4) major cruise-ship ports which are located on the northern coast of the island.



This historic sea-side town, holds a rich heritage dating back more than 240 years. Its development, which is now completed, includes a two-berth pier, retail and restaurant services and a transportation center.


If you are a visitor who are cruising to Montego Bay, Attractions Link Tourism Services offers leisure excursion to Ocho Rios, birding tours to the Cockpit Country and other ground handling service to include transportation and sightseeing tours from that cruise-ship pier.


As a cruise-ship visitor in Ocho Rios, your options for daytime activities are enormous. You can visit attractions inside Ocho Rios such as Dunns River Falls which is a 600 ft. waterfall that falls into the Caribbean Sea. From the beach you can climb the rock staircase to get to the top of the falls. Please contact Attractions Link Tourism Services for additional information regarding your ground activities while you are here!


Port Antonio allows its visitors to access extraordinary beaches and other unique spots. Take a tour with us on our Port Antonio's east coast and rain forest tour which allows you to convince yourself that there are real jungles in Jamaica. Visit the Blue Lagoon, Long Bay Beach, Boston Bay and Reich Falls. Experience hiking in the Rio Grande Valley, combined with rafting, or just taking a leisure tour to include river rafting down the Rio Grande.

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If you are a visitor who will be visiting Jamaica by way of cruise ship to any of the following ports, please feel free to contact Attractions Link Tourism Services regarding our various services which are provided for cruise ship visitors to Jamaica. If you are a group organizer, member of a group of friends, family head, a couple or single person who are thinking of taking a cruise to Jamaica, the operators of Attractions Link Tourism Services will be happy to provide Jamaica's number one ground handling tourism services for you and your party!  You are welcome to view other pages of this website which will educate you further regarding the various services which are provided by this company.

By doing so, we are sure that you will find areas where you will need our help in assuring you, your friends or clients the best ground handling services in activity arrangements, attractions and transportation packaging for a day or, even longer in Jamaica!  If you are an overseas tour operator who promotes cruise-ship holidays for persons on one or more cruise ships visiting Jamaica, we will be happy to sign up with you in order to be your ground handlers or service representatives in Jamaica.  We are willing to accommodate you and familiarizing you with various attractions which are in close proximity of the resort area or cruise-ship port which your clients will be disembarking, and will be spending their Jamaica day or time on our welcoming shores.