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Jamaica's capital city Kingston, is located on the southeastern side of the island.  This historic city has a population of over nine hundred thousand people.  With its rich history and interesting sites to visit, vacationers to Jamaica can join one of our day tours from Ocho Rios or Port Antonio to our capital city. 

Please note a list of sights which we encourage our guests to visit in Kingston.  These are, Bob Marley's Museum, Culture Yard, Devon House, Jewish Synagogue, Port Royal, The National Art Gallery, Tuff Gong Recording Studio.  If you are visiting Jamaica and you are staying in Kingston, you can join one of our day tours from Kingston to Ocho Rios for a visit to Dunns River Falls and other attractions around that area.  Read more....

Montego Bay

Jamaica' second city, Montego Bay, is located on the northwestern end of the island.  This resort city is also known as the tourist capital of Jamaica.  With most of its largest hotels in close proximity of its airport, most of the visitors to Jamaica are flown into the Donald Sangster's International Airport in Montego Bay.  

This resort city is known for several events year round such as its Jazz and Blues Festival, Reggae Sumfest plus many other smaller entertainment events which are held there throughout the year.  If you are a stop-over guest holidaying in Montego Bay or just visiting on a cruise ship, you can join one of the exciting and informative day tours offered by Attractions Link in that area.  Read more.... 


This resort town, is located on the extreme western end of Jamaica.  In Negril, vacationers can enjoy the longest beach on the island of Jamaica which spans over seven miles.  In addition to this Negril is known for its continous nightlife and nigntly out-door entertainment.  Usually reffered to as the capital of casual.  This is why most of the vacationers to Negril are usually from the younger aged travellers. 

As for the older travellers or persons who are interested in wildlife however, there are other areas of attraction to entertain them.  If you are holidaying in Negril, you can join one of our tours to Montego Bay Ocho Rios, the South Coast or take one of our Fly and drive tours to Port antonio or Kingston.  Read more....

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is known to be one of Jamaicas fastest growing towns within the past thirty years.  This small fishing village was only known for exporting boxite over the years.  In the early 1980s, cruise-shipping was introduced to the quiet town.  In a short peroid of time the small town had grown to be one of Jamaica's most booming tourist destinations.

Mainly marketed as a sea and sun destination, Ocho Rios has seen visitors from far and near, as stop-over visitors and also as one day visitors who come to our shores via cruise ships.  Having one of the world's most famous tourist attractions, "Dunns River Falls," people from home and abroad visit Ocho Rios on a daily basis.  In addition to the Dunns River attraction, Ocho Rios offers numerous attractions and activities to visitors staying in or just passing that resort town.  Read more.... 

Port Antonio

Port Antonio, the cradle of Jamaica's tourism.  This seaside town is located on the northeastern shores of Jamaica.  Jamaica's tourism started in the part of the island the 1930s.  After banana has paved the way for Jamaica in England, the ships returning to the island for more bananas were returning empty.  Here, the idea was developed to have tourist travelling to Jamaica on these ships in order to make the return journey worthwhile.  In those days, the main port for banana export was Port Antonio. 

This gave the area and the island of Jamaica a jump-start towards the tourism trade.  This has resulted in having Port Antonio hosting the first tourist arrival on the island of Jamaica.  Get precise information on this untouched Caribbean Gem, how to get there, accommodation facilities, adventitious activities, attractions, beaches,  cultural activities, excursions, food, wildlife and environmental programs.   Read more....

Jamaica's South Coast

Treasure Beach is a fishing village comunity which is located on the extreme south coast of Jamaica.   This low-keyed area of Jamaica, has earned its space in Jamaica's Tourism Industery by way of the friendlyness of its people, its location and its flexibility towards visitors which allows them to afford yheir vacation to that area.

This part of Jamaica is also friendly to diferent species of birds and crocodiles.  If you are fund of sea-food, interested in wildlife, want to spend a few days relaxing, reading or writing a book, birdwatching, fishing, this part of Jamaica is ideal for you.   If you are holidaying in Treasure Beach, you can contact us regarding joining one of our educational and exciting tours around the South Coast area. Read more....